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A good soap has to have a lot of lather, right?

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Actually, wrong! If you are used to commercial bath products, when you step into the shower you expect that a lot of foam makes you really clean. That's what I always thought too, before I started using natural products and then later making them for myself. I remember thinking that I didn't like Castile soap the first time I used it because I couldn't get it to lather up as much as I was used to. In fact, I washed my body twice just to make sure I was really clean.

So why do the soaps you buy in the store lather up so much when you use them? It is because soap manufacturing companies add chemicals to their products to create the extra foam. This can include sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA, MEA, cocamide, amongst others. These chemicals add nothing beneficial to the soap and serve no other purpose than to create lather. In fact, the harshness they create strips your skin of the beneficial oils that it produces. Some chemicals, including sodium lauryl sulfate, enter through your skin and stay in your system.

Another thing to keep in mind that the soaps made for sensitive skin typically have the least lather. This includes your milk soaps and Castile soaps. The light lather and moisturizing qualities gently cleanse your skin without upsetting its natural balance.  That is why my baby soap, for the most sensitive of all, is made from buttermilk and is a bastile-based soap (meaning it is derived from mostly olive oil with a hint of coconut oil).

My advice to you is to buy handmade, all natural soaps and read the labels. Or, if your interested, make them yourself so that you know exactly what you're feeding your skin. You can find some products at health food stores such as Earthfare that are truly good products. On the same shelves there will also be products that contain the chemicals listed above and are still labeled organic or all natural. Be smart and stay informed, especially when it comes to taking care of your body!

Thanks for reading!

xo Mandy 

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