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How to Make Your Own Liquid Castile Soap

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While Castile soap is one of the most basic soaps, it's gentle nature allows it to be one of the most versatile.  I keep Castile soap on hand at all times and find myself using it for something at least once a day.  It's safe enough to use on a baby's skin, which means it's also great for people suffering from skin conditions such as eczema.  I use liquid Castile soap to wash my dogs, wash my dishes, to make household cleaners, for baby wipe solution, and so on. There are several brands of liquid Castile soap on the market, but they can be kind of pricey.  This tutorial will walk you through how to make your own for a fraction of the price.

Step One:  Gather your materials. You will need the following items to begin: -Bar of pure Castile soap (approximately 4 oz)
-Filtered or bottled water
-Quart-sized mason jar or other jar that can handle high heat -Cheese grater or knife
-Pot for boiling water
-Essential oil (optional)
-Vitamin E Oil (optional but definitely recommended)

Step Two:  Grate the soap.  If you do not have a cheese grater, you can use a knife to chop the soap into very small pieces.

Step Three:  Add all of the soap pieces to your mason jar.

Step Four:  Bring 2 1/2 cups of bottled or filtered water to a boil. It is important to use bottled or filtered water for the longevity of your soap.  If you plan to use it all very quickly it is not as important to do this, but I suggest taking this step to ensure it will last longer.

Step Five:  Once the water has reached a boil, pour it into your mason jar over the soap.

Step Six:  As your soap mixture is cooling, gently stir and shake it every now and then.  It will be very thick and gel-like.

Step Seven:  Once your soap mixture has cooled, add in a drop or two of Vitamin E Oil (or one capsule) and your essential oils.   Vitamin E Oil will act as a natural preservative for your liquid Castile soap and added essential oils will enhance the scent.  If you start with a scented bar of Castile soap, it may not be necessary to add any additional essential oils.

Voila, you are done!  I want to note that your mixture will be very thick and gel-like at first.  The water will continue to break down the soap and make it more consistent with the texture you are used to for liquid Castile soap.  It is also very concentrated, so you can dilute it down with more water if you choose to.  Enjoy!

xo Mandy 

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