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How to Make Your Own Disposable Baby Wipes

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If you have a baby or know someone who does, you know that they require a lot of wipes, and I mean A LOT!  Breastfed newborns go through 6-8 bowel movements per day and twice as many wet diapers.  Then you get to the stage when you start introducing foods and every dirty diaper requires a serious amount of wipes.  You know the ones I'm talking about, right?

Wipes that you buy from the store, even the ones labeled natural and ever organic, sometimes contain questionable ingredients.  Disposable wipes are very easy to make at home, and you probably have most of the ingredients on hand.  Here is my process for making your own disposable wipes for a fraction of the cost that you can buy them for!

Step One:  Gather your materials. You will need the following items to begin:
-Purified water
-A roll of sturdy paper towels
-Liquid castile soap (See my post for how to make your own)
-Baby Oil (Check out my Calming Calendula Chamomile Baby Oil)
-Witch Hazel
-Vitamin E Oil (Optional but recommended)
-Lavender Essential Oil (Optional)
-Mason jar or other vessel that is heat-safe
-Empty container (I use empty 56 oz. coconut oil containers and they are perfect!  I purchase mine at Sam's Club usually, but you can also order online.)

Step Two:  Cut the paper towel roll in half. Now this can require a little muscle.  I alternate between a bread knife and scissors to get the job done.

Step Three:  Put one of the half rolls of paper towels into your empty container.  Place the cut side down, toward the bottom of the container.

Step Four:  Measure out 1 1/4 cups of purified water into a heat-safe container.  Place in the microwave and heat up for approximately one minute.

Step Five:  Time to measure out the ingredients. Add 2 Tbsp of liquid castile soap, 2 Tbsp of baby oil, 1 tsp of witch hazel, 1 tsp of vitamin e oil (optional, but recommended to help with longevity of the wipes), and about 10 drops of lavender essential oil. All of these ingredients are chosen specifically to cleanse and moisturize your baby naturally. I would not recommend using anything other than lavender essential oil on a baby's sensitive skin.  The baby oil (especially if you use mine or one similar) will also help to aid and prevent diaper rash.  These ingredients are a power house of natural goodness delivered straight to your baby's bum!

Step Six:  Shake it up!  Not too hard, just make sure everything is well mixed.

Step Seven:  Pour the wipe solution over the wipes in the empty container.  Close up, and allow to sit for ten minutes.

Step Eight: Flip over the container and allow to sit for five more minutes.

Step Nine:  After five minutes has passed, turn right-side up, and open the container.  Remove the cardboard paper towel holder from the center (it should slide right out).  Pull gently up from the middle, and you should have a wipe that comes up easily, to start your roll with.

That's it, your work is done!  In a matter of minutes, you have made yourself homemade disposable wipes that are natural and safe for your little one.  My son is 11 months old, and one batch of these lasts approximately 2 weeks. I usually take a small handful and put in a plastic bag or old travel wipe container to take in my diaper bag. I hope you enjoy, and appreciate you stopping by.  

xo Mandy 

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