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Shaving Soap - My New Best Friend

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This year we have decidedly focused our business on festivals in the local and surrounding areas.  This has given me an opportunity to come face to face with customers that I might not ordinarily meet.  It has been a great opportunity for me to see what you guys really want when all the options are available, and to see what you want that I have not been doing.  The single most requested item these past few months has been shaving soap.  This surprised me on some levels as I didn't know that shaving soap was such a big deal.  

The first few requests I got I would respond with something along the lines of, "I don't have a special shaving soap, but I like to shave with the Peppermint Sunrise or Peace, Love, & Pale Ale because they have a great lather."  This was always met with a response of "No, it's not the same thing."  So I did my research and found that there is a clear art to making shaving soap.  It is the most complex soap I've made to date as it requires a unique blend of oils and two different types of lye.  Through my research I also learned that many soapmakers out there are putting out sub-par shaving soaps that are simply made with extra castor oil to increase lather.  Additionally, if it's a vegan soap, it is missing all of the benefits that tallow or even lard can add to the shaving experience.  

So after my research, I excitedly bought all of the missing ingredients I didn't have on hand and set to work on making the shaving soap.  That was the easy part, the hard part was anxiously awaiting the soap to cure.  When it was finally ready, I got my husband to try it out first.  Of course I don't test any products on animals, my husband and myself are always the guinea pigs. The results were great!  He has always had sensitive skin when it comes to shaving, and he was left with a nice clean shave and soft, moisturized skin afterwards.  Hooray, it worked!

I then started thinking, why should men have all the fun?  The product was of course designed to be used on a beard, but why wouldn't it work on legs?  I gave the product a test and am excited to report that the shaving soap works wonders on not only shaving your legs, but also on your sensitive lady parts.  I had no irritation after shaving, and my skin felt so soft.  I often listen to my customer requests and oblige to make the products they ask for, and find myself wondering how I ever lived without them in the first place.  The shaving soap is no exception to this!

I blend my soap with pasture-raised tallow, organic coconut oil, castor oil, and stearic acid (a naturally occurring acid found in animal and vegetable fats).  I then blend in sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide to give the perfect effect with lather and conditioning.  I top it off with a tad of bentonite clay to help with the slip factor on the soap, as well as pure essential oils.  If you are interested in purchasing my shaving soap, I have included a link below.  

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I would love to hear about your personal experience with natural shaving soap!

Xo Mandy

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  • Mandy on

    Hi Nicole! Again, sorry I’m just seeing these comments come through. I think a lot of people believe that. I am glad I researched a lot before jumping into that market, because I’ve had several people now tell me that they have been unhappy with the performance of other shaving soaps but were happy with mine. Good luck to you, and thanks for reading!

  • Nicole on

    Wow! I will have to research shaving soap and using koh. I thought it was just a boost of castor oil as well. Thank you!

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