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You put coffee in what?

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Most people have some sort of relationship with coffee.  Mine goes something like this:  I wake up after the little sleep I was able to get due to my 22 month old son and being 7 months pregnant, and stumble my way to the espresso machine.  I tediously whip up either a dirty chai latte or a vanilla cappuccino.  Hard work?  Maybe.  Worth it?  Absolutely yes.  I then sit down and watch the news and hope for 15 minutes of quiet time before my adorably rambunctious toddler decides to join me.

While that is a very significant party of mine and coffee's relationship, it certainly doesn't end there.  Did you know that coffee has a lot to offer in your skincare routine?  Coffee is a known deodorizer, and covers up odors very effectively (which I have tested, thank you pregnancy hormones).  For this reason, I also keep a jar of my coffee scrub in the kitchen to use on my hands after working with fish, garlic, onions, etc.  Another benefit is that the caffeine is absorbed into your skin and works its magic.  That same caffeine can give you a little bump of energy, but not as much as drinking a cup (try it in the a.m.).

There have also been studies that show using coffee-based soaps and skincare products can reduce your risk of skin cancer.  Coffee has shown the ability to kill abnormal skin cells that can cause cancer.  Coffee can also help to break up fat cells that contribute to cellulite, and helps in reducing wrinkles.  I have been using the coffee butter on my stomach this pregnancy and, knock on wood, so far no stretch marks!  The coffee butter is also great for eliminating dark circles and bags under your eyes.

I make all of my coffee products with locally-sourced, organic coffee from Dynamite Roasting Co. (in Black Mountain, NC).  I offer coffee soaps (plain coffee, and a latte soap with goat's milk on top), scrubs, and butter.  The coffee butter is made from hand extracting coffee oils for two weeks, and then straining the grounds (which I then use to make scrubs).  I blend the extracted oil with organic, unrefined shea butter and olive oil.  This process produces a highly concentrated coffee resin that I then add to all of my coffee soaps, scrubs and butter.  All of these products are made with freshly ground coffee to ensure you receive all of the benefits the awesome coffee bean has to offer you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article.  I would love to hear about how you use coffee in your skincare regimen, and what has worked well for you.

XO Mandy

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