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Natural Shampoo Bar

$ 7.00

This shampoo bar will leave your hair feeling scrumptious! There are many benefits to turning your back on commercial shampoo products, most importantly, ditching the nasty chemicals they use that strip your hair of its natural oils. For most people, shampoo bars help to create more volume, reduce dandruff, increase shine and softness. Many people with curly hair find that they also work to define curls and leave their hair less frizzy.   I have found that a light apple cider vinegar rinse after shampooing works well for me, but many of my customers say they don't use anything to condition because it leaves their hair so soft and shiny.There are three different shampoo bar options available.

-The first uses lemon and rosemary essential oils, as they are both great for all types of hair, encourage healthy growth and smell wonderful when combined. 

-Another option that many people love is the Patchouli & Henna bar.  I specifically formulated these bars with henna because it offers many benefits to hair including promoting healthy hair growth, prevents dandruff, restores pH of scalp, and naturally conditions.  Patchouli adds a pleasant scent to the shampoo, but also aids in preventing hair loss.  

-We also make a shampoo bar with beer, because beer not only tastes great, it also offers many benefits to hair!  This bar is great for people with drier hair that can use a little extra moisturizing.  It is lightly scented with lavender, lemon and rosemary as that combination tends to work for all hair types.  The hops found in beer deliver vitamins to your hair while helping to create natural body.

This listing is for one bar of shampoo which is approximately 4-5 oz.

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