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Oh Lard, It's Patchouli! Soap

Oh Lard, It's Patchouli! Soap

$ 6.00
I never realized how popular patchouli is until I started selling my products in person. Those who love patchouli, love it and expect the best! There are SO many health benefits to using patchouli oil in your daily regiment, including mental well-being (it works as an anti-depressant), it soothes inflammation, speeds the healing process of wounds, a natural deodorant, treats skin ailments (such as eczema and psoriasis) and can work as a salve for insect bites. There is spirulina in this product which contains many minerals including iron and promotes healthy skin, reduces inflammation, aids in detox, boosts antioxidants and much more. I also use beet root powder in this soap, and it works to prevent wrinkles and repair skin. This bar has made me a believer, and I have started incorporating patchouli into my shower routine!

This is available in large bars that are approximately 4-5 oz and smaller bars that are 2-2.5 oz.

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