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Meet the Owner


Picture this: a young woman in her twenties that enjoys wearing makeup, dying her hair, eating whatever she feels like, and doing whatever she feels like with little respect to the environment or her own body. Fast forward several months and this same woman is no longer using shampoo, conditioner or any other store bought products on her face or skin, she dyes her hair with coffee and beet root powder, drinks and makes kombucha by the gallon, and she now has her own all natural skin care line! You may have guessed it by now, this woman is Mandy Overstreet. These life changing transitions led to her desire to share her passion of all natural, chemical-free skin care products with everyone who shares the vision of taking care of their body from the inside out.  

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and Mandy's philosophy is that you should treat it with the best possible products available to promote better health and wellness.  She designs products to treat a variety of skin care issues as well as products ideal for aromatherapy and relaxation.  In August of 2014 her and her husband Walker welcomed a new addition to their family, a sweet baby boy named Talmadge, who has provided the inspiration for her baby care products.  In addition to caring for all the humans in your family, Mandelin Naturals also carries a line of products to pamper your four-legged children, too!  With every purchase of the dog shampoo, Mandy donates 20% directly to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC (to learn more about them, go to

Knowing that Mandy is providing high quality, handmade products from her home to yours keeps her motivated and energizes her to continue what she is doing.  If you ever see Mandelin Naturals at an event or festival, you will likely be meeting Mandy, Walker and Talmadge, so please be sure to stop by and say hello!