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Dynamite Roasing Co.'s  Coffee Soap

Dynamite Roasing Co.'s Coffee Soap

$ 6.00

This soap can serve a purpose in the bathroom or the kitchen, and is made from locally sourced organic coffee from Dynamite Roasting Company.

Studies have shown that using coffee based soaps helps to reduce your risk of skin cancer and has also shown the ability to kill abnormal cells that cause cancer. This bar also makes a great addition to your morning routine as some of the caffeine is actually absorbed through your skin. I include coffee grounds in this bar, which works to exfoliate your skin and can help to break up fat cells that contribute to cellulite, and helps to reduce wrinkles. In the kitchen, this soap helps to remove odors from your hands. I added cocoa to this soap which gives the bar a natural smell with hints of coffee, chocolate and cinnamon.

This soap comes in large bars that are approximately 4-5 oz. There may be some variance in color, as all of my products are made from natural ingredients.

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