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Face and Body Soap and Moisturizer- rose geranium

Face and Body Soap and Moisturizer- rose geranium

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One of the interesting qualities of rose geranium essential oil is that it is beneficial to all skin types- on top of smelling amazing! This bar of soap is hand-crafted with natural, grass-fed tallow from a local farm just outside of Asheville, NC, in addition to organic coconut oil and olive oil to create a bar with a luscious lather. Rose geranium essential oil offers a lot of benefits to the soap including relieving stress and reducing depression, reducing inflammation, speeds healing, reduces wrinkles, and aids in reducing acne. I have also added bentonite clay to aid in detoxifying skin, boosting immunity, adding clarity, and soothing irritated skin including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. The hint of carrot seed essential oil in the soap aids provides antioxidant, antiseptic and antiviral properties.

The face and body butter is hand-crafted with tallow, olive oil, and the same essential oils. Tallow is the most similar to our own body's cellular make-up, which allows for easy absorption. It naturally provides vitamins and linoleic acid to your body which can be as easily absorbed through the skin as through taking a supplement. It will provide a light moisturizing effect without the grease, and can benefit all skin types. It's designed to be gentle enough for your face, but is great for your whole body!

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