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Laid-Back Lavender Castile Soap

$ 3.00

This bar is made traditionally with 100% olive oil and is a light lathering soap that does not strip your skin of its natural oils. The lavender castile combination is great for people with dry, itchy, irritated and/or sensitive skin and is also a good choice for those with oily skin and acne. Castile soap is a good soap for babies and children. Another option for using this soap is to dilute the soap with water and use as an all purpose cleaners and even in laundry. The lavender compliments the castile soap well, as it is shown to relieve stress and anxiety, and aids in the healing of cuts, bites and burns because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

This soap comes in large bars that are approximately 3.5 oz and 3.5 in x 2 in x 1 in and small bars around 2 oz and 1.75 in x 2 in x 1 in.

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