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Natural Deodorant

$ 6.50

A natural deodorant that is gentle yet effective made without chemicals and with ingredients that are good for your body! All of the ingredients are added thoughtfully and purposefully to deodorize and maintain the correct pH of your armpits. The organic arrowroot powder helps to dry the sweat, the baking soda and coconut help to deodorize, acidophilus levels the pH, Shea butter makes this gentle and nourishing, and the essential oils add a natural and pleasant scent. Available in lavender, cedar, or extra strength. The extra strength is formulated with bentonite clay and litsea cubaba essential oil to add an extra punch to odor. The litsea cubaba has a lemony scent that is present but not overwhelming.

Disclaimer: this product does what it is designed to do and is effective, but if you are used to OTC deodorants with chemicals your body will go through a transition period to get used to the natural products. This took about 2 weeks for me. I recommend throwing it in your purse or keeping it handy and applying a few times a day until you are adjusted.

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