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Old-Fashioned Shave Soap

$ 7.00
After numerous requests for shaving soap, I did my research and found that there is a clear art to making shaving soap. It is the most complex soap I've made to date as it requires a unique blend of oils and two different types of lye. Through my research I also learned that many soapmakers out there are putting out sub-par shaving soaps that are simply made with extra castor oil to increase lather. Additionally, if it's a vegan soap, it is missing all of the benefits that tallow or even lard can add to the shaving experience.

I blend my soap with pasture-raised tallow, organic coconut oil, castor oil, and stearic acid (a naturally occurring acid found in animal and vegetable fats). I then blend in sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide to give the perfect effect with lather and conditioning. I top it off with a tad of bentonite clay to help with the slip factor on the soap, as well as pure essential oils. The result is a very moisturizing soap with a great lather that is safe for the most sensitive areas (yes, I mean beards, legs, arm pits and even your lady parts).

The essential oils used for this listing include fir needle, cedarwood, grapefruit and tea tree. It has a great, natural smell and is soothing to the skin.

I have added on options to receive your shaving soap in a 4 oz mason jar or to add on a shaving brush.

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