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Southern Style Corn Bread Soap

Southern Style Corn Bread Soap

$ 3.50

This is a great soap for those with sensitive skin that want a gentle but exfoiliating soap. It is a buttermilk soap meaning that it is safe for even the most sensitive skin, and for those suffering from eczema or acne. It is over 90% olive oil, which creates a gentle lather without being too drying. The corn meal that is added creates a gentle exfoiliating quality, perfect for your face or your whole body. Anyone from the south can tell you that corn bread is a staple, and it has to be made with buttermilk!

This soap comes in large bars that are approximately 4 oz and 3.5 in x 2 in x 1 in and smaller bars that are approximately 2 oz and 1.75 in x 2 in x 1 in. There may be some variance in color, as all of my products are made from natural ingredients.

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