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Valentine's Day or Anniversary Box of Love

Valentine's Day or Anniversary Box of Love

$ 25.00
Whether you're looking to treat your significant other or are buying this to enjoy as a couple, you are in for a real treat! We are also big fans of treating yoself, so if that's your mission in this purchase we salute you! Each "Love Box" comes packaged ready for gifting with burlap and natural wood shavings for a rustic-chic presentation. We are also happy to include a note with your gift, so please indicate what you would like to say on the note when you submit your order. The gift set includes a Love Potion Body Oil (4 oz amber glass bottle with dropper), a 4 pack of Milk and Honey Bath Bombs, Bath Salts (2 oz glass jar - good for 2 or 3 baths), and an organic chap stick.

Our Love Potion Body Oil is made by slowly extracting organic calendula and chamomile in olive oil for several hours. This adds healing properties for broken or damaged skin, and also soothing properties for dry, irritated or inflamed areas. Once cooled, we filter out the herbs and add vitamin e oil which helps to naturally prolong the life of the oil, sooth irritated skin and to repair scars and blemishes. To finish it off, we add a custom blend of therepeutic-grade essential oils to each bottle. For the Love Potion, we blend together black pepper, cedar wood, orange, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, and vanilla. All of these oils are used to promote sensuality and the feeling of love. You can use the oil for massage, after shaving, on dry, damaged skin, as a perfume or more!

Our Milk and Honey Bath Bombs make a great addition to your bathtime routine! Enjoy alone or as a pair :-) Each bomb is formulated with goat's milk, honey, witch hazel, organic calendula, and organic oatmeal to help moisturize and repair dry skin. We add essential oils to each batch to enhance the experience. The Milk and Honey Bath Bombs contain cinnamon, clove, and vanilla for a warm and soothing aroma.

Our bath salts are formulated with either dead sea salts or himalayan pink sea salts as the base. To that we add a mixture of Pacific sea salt and epsom salts to enhance the healing and muscle soothing benefits. We also formulate each mixture with organic herbs and essential oils. The box will contain one two ounce container of either the Healing Detox, Stress-Be-Gone, or Muscle Soothing Salt Soak. If you have a preference as to which you receive, please indicate with the order, otherwise I will select one to add. Here is the listing if you want to read more about the bath salts:

Finally, our Love Box will include one organic chap stick in either citrus or mint. The chap stick is formulated with organic beeswax, unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. We will select one or the other for you unless you indicate otherwise with your order.

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